Who is hET

Uitzendbureau hET has for nearly 20 years been a leading business partner and preferred supplier of good, reliable temporary workers for both the Dutch and German markets. We strive towards process improvement for our clients and this distinguishes us. Our temporary workers are specially selected on their qualities and form the basis of our success.


Why hET

  1. The right guidance: because of one of our core values, “personal contact”, we can guarantee quality and stand for optimal service.
  2. Uitzendbureau hET looks for result-oriented solutions and stands for quality and professionalism.
  3. Our temporary workers receive a fair reward in accordance with the CLA, work hard and are reliable.
  4. An optimal balance between the staffing within a department and the necessary capacity of the demand leads to higher customer satisfaction.
  5. All-in concept, wide range of temporary workers: this makes Uitzendbureau hET the permanent partner for all your staff.


hET rate

Uitzendbureau hET works according to the CLA for agency workers from the ABU. This means you won’t experience any jealousy on the work floor. We then use a fixed conversion factor for the gross hourly wage.

  • Placement
  • Secondment
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Payroll