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Uitzendbureau hET offers you the ease of a flexible team, for incidental, short-term or structural projects.

Placement and Secondment

Uitzendbureau hET is specialised in placing/seconding both unskilled and qualified flex workers. Placement can start on the basis of just a few hours a week; if a longer period is required, secondment with a previously set end date is also possible. During the placement, we regularly enquire whether everything is still going as desired, so that the client and temporary worker can immediately turn to their contact with any questions.

Short lines, quick action, optimal service!

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hET mediates with self-employed

Self-employed mediation means that we mediate between self-employed persons and clients. We link clients who wish to use the services of a self-employed person to a self-employed person with the right skills, fitting the assignment.

WE Bouwen was created from a combination of construction specialist Weijerseikhout and Uitzendbureau hET. By connecting the two professionalisms, and the years of experience of both parties, we are the outstanding partner for the construction industry.

WEBouwen has a broad offering of self-employed assignments in the whole country. We have a large network of companies who like to use independent contractors. WEBouwen is a mediation company specialised in construction.

We look forward to building the future with you!

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hET Recruitment and Selection

With a comprehensive employee database, we always select a candidate who meets your function profile.
During the entire process of recruitment, selection and actually getting to work, you and the candidate are guided by one of the hET account managers.

The rate for recruitment and selection consists of a fixed amount upon employment (percentage of annual income) or you can choose a so-called kickback fee per placed candidate.

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hET Payroll

If you don’t feel like administrative hassle carrying certain risks, then hET Payroll offers you the right solution.

Payrolling is a specialised form of HR service provision. You are responsible for recruitment, selection and guidance of employees. hET takes over the legal roll of the employer as much as possible. This includes administrative and financial obligations linked to i.e. dysfunction, illness, disability and leave.

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